The Future of Work

The nature of work is changing, and we have the opportunity to shape it now. In 2015, I've been sponsored by Deloitte Australia to undertake PhD research into the Future of Work and the Digital Workplace at the University of Sydney Business School. I'll be sharing my insights, research and findings here.

Check out my recent interview on my research with Deloitte:

Professional Superheroes: The Hidden Talent Driving Innovation


In this research-in-progress paper, I show how individuals in a professional service firm passionately, and of their own volition, engage in work activities across multiple social media, that fall well outside of formal work requirements. I refer to the personas these workers create as “alter-identities” to signify that this form of identity work sits alongside formal work roles.

I will contribute new insights on the role of digital technologies, such as social media, in knowledge work contexts, and theorise the role of alter-identity performance as a way for organisations to innovate formal work models in a bottom-up, employee-driven way. Such practices might foster organisational responsiveness in rapidly changing environments.

Presented at the 28th Australasian Conference on Information Systems 

Download the paper here.