Traditional workplaces are shifting to more dynamic environments that facilitate greater collaboration and opportunities for shared learning. Employees are expecting greater flexibility in work from their employers, there is also a growing trend towards self-employment and freelancer work, with the number of coworking spaces serving this market doubling each year. In 2017, there were over 300 coworking spaces in Australia, with over 14,000 spaces around the world, expected to double each year. Working alongside passionate and inspired people, hearing from local thought leaders, and being a part of a collaborative community, draws hundreds of thousands of people each year to these spaces. 

Coworking Spaces Australia 2017 Report

This report provides an introduction to the coworking phenomenon, an overview of the state of coworking in Australia, introducing a taxonomy of different types of coworking spaces, and some learnings about how to translate the concept of coworking into more traditional small business and corporate work realities.

Co-authored by Tim Mahlberg and Kai Riemer, this report is a publication of Sydney Business Insights and the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) at the University of Sydney Business School.

Download the report here.

Earlier in 2017, I was also interviewed by 2SER on the future of coworking in Australia. There a few longer sound bites where I share some interesting cases and my perspectives.