The Village at National Australia Bank is a dynamic & innovative space in Melbourne for NAB's business customers and community partners to work, learn, connect and be inspired. The Village is located in NAB's new 700 Bourke St Docklands building and is an integral part of this building's philosophy to bring customers and community into the bank.

As Host and Manager, Tim was the key person responsible for the establishment, community design and activation, technology development, engagement of senior NAB stakeholders, and representing the bank to industry partners, government officials, media and the over 50,000 visitors to The Village since opening in December 2013. Core values of diversity, neutrality, accessibility, security and connectivity helped to form a unique point of difference between NAB and the other Australian banks, and built a strong culture of trust, integrity, respect and authenticity.

As at June 2015, The Village membership had reached 1500 members, representing over 1300 different organisations, small businesses, non-profits, social enterprises and larger institutions, and had delivered over 500 networking and learning events. By early 2016, membership has grown to over 2000 members.

The Village has positioned NAB as a thought leader in corporate innovation, workplace design, customer experience and community engagement, and in 2015 was presented with an international financial industry innovation award. The Village also generated in excess of $20million in new business for NAB in it’s first year of operation. Tim's strategic vision for The Village as a national connected network has begun to take shape, with spaces opening in Geelong and Western Sydney in 2016, and plans for further regional and suburban spaces beyond that.

The Village is now recognised as Australia’s largest co-working community.


Photo credits: Damian White, Kate Hanley, Timothy Herbert, Tim Mahlberg